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Nov. 20th & 21st Noon till 5pm

Starting Nov. 23rd

Every Fri., Sat., Sun., 9-5pm

Food Truck on site

Nov. 24, 25, 26 Dec. 2&3

Closing Dec. 22nd at 5pm

The White Family of Homestead Farm




Welcome to Homestead Farms and

Fun In The Country

    We are located just a pleasant drive east of Columbus, OH and a few minutes west of Granville on Loudon Street.

Come and see why so many families are making this a  Christmas Tradition!

    You are sure to enjoy the beauty of the country and we will make your visit as pleasant as possible. 

    Here at Homestead Farm, we believe picking out your REAL Christmas tree should be a memorable experience for all!!

  CONTACT US :      info@homesteadfarminc.com

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Check us out next year for sweet corn & pumpkins!

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Come Join Us

For Food, Fun & Fellowship!

Sat., Nov. 24th

For THE Game (OSU vs. Michigan)

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